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Frequently Asked questions

Creating 46º North Resorts Inc.

Q:Who is behind the vision for 46º North Resorts Inc?

A: 46° North Resorts Inc. is a project by one of Australia's largest and most experienced property developer, Walker Corporation. Walker Corporation has extensive experience in the new homes market, resort and lifestyle community development. Walker has been developing large residential projects since the late 1960s as well as commercial buildings, retail shopping centres and industrial estates. One of Walker Corporation's most famous projects is the Hope Island Golf Resort in Queensland, Australia.

Walker has projects with a total development value of around $12 billion underway in Australia and in international markets including Canada, USA and Malaysia.

Walker Corporation Pty Limited opened a North American office in 2007 based out of 21 St. Clair Ave. East, Toronto, Ontario.

Q. What makes 46º North unique?

A: With a reputation for some of the world's great wine and food, a diverse range of cultural and recreational opportunities within a majestic setting, the Mont-Tremblant area of Quebec is widely renowned as a premier lifestyle destination for international investors and Canadians alike.

Add to this the natural beauty of the environment, the development's superb location adjacent to the national park, its several lakes and undulating land. Furthermore, the 46º North location is very close to the township of Labelle, with every convenience and service near and readily available.

46˚ North Resort is a series of luxurious log and conventional cabins in the Canadian wilderness with access to the convenience of a charming local township (Labelle) and a sophisticated tourism environment (Mont Tremblant village) with miles and miles of national park nearby. The homes, landscape and recreational facilities will be created using the most modern design thinking yet have the traditional look of the Canadian log cabin exterior.

Q: What is the built form vision for 46º North?

A: A unique and essential element of the development is the charming traditional conventional and log homes, typical of the Quebec area. The built form vision for 46º North is one of integrated architectural and landscaped environment that celebrates the natural forest atmosphere, situating each of the homes in its own private sphere, nestled near trees or rocks, with views and vistas wherever possible.
The homes will all be low-scale and incorporate simple yet striking architectural design principles combined with the use of natural logs imported from British Columbia and high quality, low maintenance finishes.
Q: How will 46º North complement the existing landscape?

A: Using log home construction actually helps us to preserve the existing natural landscape because it is a low-impact construction style. We only remove enough trees to place the home on its site and create a small private grassed area for you to relax in your own front yard.

We have kept the walking tracks and roads in the rustic theme of the Canadian country-side and used rocks and logs to create landscaped garden features in appropriate places. Planting of new trees will be native to the area and no exotic species will be planted. Any special flowering exotic plants, if used, would be in pots where they cannot escape to spoil the local ecosystem.

Where is 46˚ North Resorts and how do I get there?

Q: Where is 46˚ North?

A: 46˚ North is situated at Lake Mitchell, 20 minutes north of Eastern Canada's most exclusive ski resort - Mt Tremblant. We are also just a 5-minute drive from the township of Labelle where activities such as snowmobiling in the winter and horseback riding in the summer are popular and available. Our property is situated on 500 acres of land that encompass Lake Mitchell and two other smaller lakes. We are also located next door to the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant with trails you could walk or bike for hours. Our location, surrounded by Canadian wilderness and activities is the perfect place to come to relax.

Q: How do you get to 46˚ North?

A: Travelling to 46° North is easy and convenient:

  • It is an hour and a half drive from Montreal's Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport
  • London Heathrow is a five and a half hour flight into Montreal
  • One could fly directly from Toronto Island Airport into Mt. Tremblant with Porter airlines (
  • Mt Tremblant International Airport also accommodates private jets.
  • Ottawa is an hour and a half drive and New York and Toronto are within an hour's flight or around a 6 hour drive.

Q: How frequent are the flights?

A: Air Canada and British Airways have daily direct flights into Montreal, Porter airlines flies daily during the winter season only from Toronto Island to Mt Tremblant. There are many low cost airlines now flying into Montreal as well.

Q: How much are the flights?

A: Round trip flights to Mont-Tremblant International Airport, all in CAD$

  • From London – $250 (£150) off season, $400 (£299) winter season, $570 (£350) summer months
  • From Toronto – $235 to $438
  • From New York City - $358 to $498

What's at 46º North?

Q: What recreational facilities will be available within 46º North?

A: The focal point of 46º North is the stunning Owners' Lodge designed by architect Philippe Lupien, and oriented to capture lovely views of Lake Mitchell. Recreational facilities include:

  • Owners' Lodge
    - Outdoor swimming pool
    - Scandinavian spa and massage treatment room
    - Library and Games Room
    - BBQ facilities near the Owners' Lodge and swimming pool area
  • Resort tennis courts
  • Fishing equipment
  • Non-motorized boating
  • Canoes and paddleboats
  • Long and interesting adventure trails
  • Maple Sugar Shack to show the story of maple harvesting
  • Concierge services to book activities

We will be continually adding more activities as our visions expand for this new development.

Q: When will the tennis courts and pool be completed?

A: The development will be completed progressively in phases over the next 4 years or so. The pool has been completed and is fully operational. The tennis courts will soon be underway.

Q: Do I have to pay membership fees or join a club to use the facilities?

A: No, all of these facilities are free for you and your friends to use. You will need to pay for any food and drinks you consume at the Owners' Lodge, and for any spa or massage treatments.

Q: Will there be any retail facilities at 46º North?

A: In case you have forgotten to pack something for your stay, we will sell a small range of necessities only at the Owners' Lodge. The main area for shopping for daily essentials will be Labelle, located only five minutes drive from 46º North. For added convenience, many businesses in Labelle will deliver directly to your door. You can ask for assistance with the Concierge Service to help find suppliers for everything you need. For more sophisticated gifts and fashion shopping, there is a wonderful range of shops at Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort.

Q: Will there be a hotel or resort accommodation for my friends?

A: No, we are not creating a hotel. Many owners of log homes at 46º North will rent them to holidaymakers when they are not occupying the homes themselves. We will create a 'rental pool' so that friends can stay at 46º North and owners can gain more return on their investment.

Homes at 46º North

Q: Who is building my home and how do I know that it will be a quality construction?

A: 46˚ North Resorts Inc. has a General Contractor License and is a member of ACQ (Association des Contracteurs du Quebec). The construction programme is being managed by a very experienced builder who has completed a number of successful developments in Canada. In addition, Walker Corporation of Australia has extensive experience in residential development and is contributing to the development programme with a range of environmental and design initiatives to ensure a top quality development outcome.

Q: Where do the logs come from, what type of wood is it, and how is it treated to last for years?

A: The logs come from British Columbia. Keeping in line with our eco-conscious vision, rather than chopping down living trees, logs from trees that have damaged in forest fires are used. Methods are then used to strip down the burnt outside of the trunk, revealing beautiful wood that has been unharmed by fire.

Q: How long does it take to build?

A: If there is no change in plans, construction can start within 4 weeks of deposit and financial approval. Construction takes 4 full months and if it is during winter, landscaping and exterior stain will be completed the following May.

Q: What construction guarantees are available?

A: Every house is totally built by licensed subcontractors. 46˚ North has a General Contractor License, is a member of ACQ (Association des Contracteurs du Quebec) and is accredited by La Garantie Qualite Habitation which provides the owners' a 5 year guarantee on the homes.

Q: Can changes be made to the design or specifications for my home?

A: Yes, we are happy to talk to you about changes, but it may stretch the construction period depending on the extent of changes you want.

Q: Are the homes well insulated?

A: Yes and the authentic log home is warm in winter times and cool in summertime.

Q: Is there air-condition system?

A: Air-condition system for the Discovery, Hideaway, Escape and Haven models is part of the basic feature but it is an option in the Retreat and Cabin models.

Q. Can I paint my home a different colour?

A: No, we are only offering two colours.

Q: What security systems are available?

A: Presently, there is security at the gate after hours from 4 pm to 8 am, daily. The developers will establish an Owners Association which will consider a number of matters, including whether to employ additional personnel to the existing guard. Furthermore, owners may install their own security systems at an extra cost.

Q: What parking facilities are available?

A: Every home has its own parking facilities. Some homes have one-car garage with 2 parking spots in the driveway, and some homes have only driveway parking spots. Visitor parking will be available near the Owners' Lodge.

Q: How do I purchase the furniture and who will install the furniture?

A: There will be furniture packages created for clients who would like to buy and decorate their home to resemble the 'stay and play' units. This furniture is supplied from within the local area and the suppliers are happy to install the furniture for you.

Q: Is there satellite TV & Internet access?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I have my own garden?

A: Yes.

Buying at 46º North

Q: How do I go about owning a home at 46˚ North?

A: The process will begin by selecting a plot of land and confirming your interest by filling out a reservation form and depositing $20,000CDN to secure your property for thirty days. It is important to note that all sums deposited with 46˚ North are put into a Trust Account with a Notary so that all funds are secured until closing. It will also ensure you are eligible for a Discovery Visit which will permit you to join us at 46˚ North and experience life there. During this time you will get the opportunity to live in one of our unique homes and discover the charm and authenticity of wilderness living in the Mt. Tremblant region.

Upon completing your visit and if you intend to become a home owner at 46˚ North, you will then complete a Purchase Agreement on which you will confirm the plot, the home type, chose your furniture package and agree on a delivery date. At this time an additional deposit that will equate to 10% of the purchase price is required and will again be deposited in Trust with the Notary.

Thirty days prior to the commencement of construction of the foundation walls, you will receive a request for an additional deposit of 10% and construction of your home will begin upon receipt of this deposit.
As previously indicated, all sums deposited with 46˚ North will be done via a Notary who will keep all sums in Trust until the day we proceed with closing. Additionally, 46˚ North will benefit from the interest earned on deposits and which are used towards financing the construction of your home.

Q: Can I buy more than one home?

A: Yes, you can buy as many as you would like.

Q: Can I get local financing?

A: We have established a relationship with a few different financial institutions that have already reviewed and appraised the project. Financing will be available for all qualified purchasers. In case of non-residents, the maximum amount financed by Canadian Chartered Institutions is 65% of the total value of your purchase inclusive of any optional packages purchased on your home.

Q: What currency are payments made in?

A: Payment should be made in Canadian dollars.

Q: What are the taxes that need to be paid?

A: On closing:

On completing the purchase of your property, you will be required to pay GST (5%) and QST (7.875%) which equate to a total of 12.875%.

Important note: Should you intend to make the property available for at least 90% of the time for rental, you may be eligible to not pay the QST. You should however make sure to register prior to closing and you will receive an exemption certificate. If you do not register prior to closing and you still intend to use the property as an investment, these taxes can still be claimed provided the property is purchased for the exclusive purpose of renting it out on a short term basis.

In addition to the above costs on closing, there will be a Land Transfer Tax, also referred to as Welcome Tax or Stamp Duty. This will be assessed based on the total value of your home. In Quebec this is calculated based on certain thresholds and values but generally, as a rule of thumb, LTT is approximately 1% of the Purchase Price.

On-going taxes:

On an annual basis depending on its evaluation, the property will be subject to Municipal and School Taxes. These taxes are normally received in the beginning of the year and can be paid through installments.

Q: What happens if I decide to sell my property?

A: Upon selling your property, you will be subject to a Capital Gains Tax which at the time of print is approximately 24% on the gains of the sale of the home. If you are a non-resident, you should consult with a tax advisor to better understand the exact tax implications for your particular case. In addition, if you are a non-resident, you will need to verify if there are any tax treaties between your country and Canada.

Q: Is there a rental pool?

A: 46˚ North will offer a full service rental pool program. This program is all inclusive and our objective is to maximize the return on your home at 46˚ North. Our management team will work with you in order to ensure that all monthly remittances are made on your behalf and that the net proceeds of your income shall be transferred into your account on a monthly basis.

Q: Can I rent my home outside the rental pool?

A: Yes and we encourage that you do so. 46˚ North will have an active rental program and in order for you to rent your home on your own, you will only be required to coordinate said rental with the rental pool in order to make sure that it does not conflict with an existing reservation on your home.

Q: Will I have to file an income tax from the income I earn from the rental pool?

A: Yes, you will and this must be filed within six months of the Homeowners Taxation Year (June 30). The taxes are paid on the net income after all expenses are incurred.

Q: As a non-resident, are there any restrictions on home ownership?

A: No, there are no tax restrictions.

Living and holidaying in Quebec

Q: What is the climate like?

A: Quebec is truly a 4-season destination, with cold snow-filled winters, hot summers, a distinct spring and spectacular fall.

Q: Will I need to speak French?

A: French and English are both spoken in the Mt. Tremblant area, Quebec and Ottawa. Most people speak English especially in the tourist areas.

Q: When are the national holidays?

A: New Year's Day, Good Friday/or Easter Monday, Victoria Day (Monday preceding May 25th), Canada Day (July 1st) Labour Day (first Monday in September), Thanksgiving day (Second Monday of October), Remembrance Day (November 11th), Christmas Day, Boxing Day