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A young market ripe for development

August, 2010
Danielle Bonneau

It's not all a bed of roses in the world of resorts that each have several dozen log homes. With higher-than-expected construction, operation and upkeep costs, two developers and a rental service have gone bankrupt or placed themselves under bankruptcy protection. Since the quality of construction has not been at issue, businesses that rent chalets with hotel services included are able to continue their activities under a different name.

Resorts all have to meet the same challenge: renting homes on a regular basis.

"To meet their costs and ensure their long-term survival, resorts have to reach a certain rental threshold," said Martin Ayotte, vice-president of the Mont-Tremblant Chamber of Commerce. As the owner of the Toquade furniture and decoration store, he knows this young industry well since he has worked and kept in touch with most of the developers.

"What we have here is a new market," he continued. "These big luxury homes, with two large living rooms, several bedrooms and three or four bathrooms, are relatively affordable if three or four couples split the bill. In most projects, a chef can come and do the cooking at home. It's a great idea! And there are often concierges on call, offering services à la carte."

A young market ripe for development | Resort 46N | Walker Corp | Residential Development

He says the resorts would benefit by making themselves better known in Montreal and Ottawa as well as in Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Toronto.

  1. The interior of this enormous log house, tucked into the heart of the Côté North Tremblant resort, is both rustic and contemporary. It provides an instant change of scenery.
  2. Despite the European economic crisis, 46º North is moving ahead without skimping on the project's quality. We see here the interior of one of the four model homes.
  3. At the centre of the Côté North Tremblant resort, log homes right out in nature are connected by footpaths. Owners and tenants can go swimming in the pool.
  4. At the Fiddler Lake Resort, near Saint-Sauveur, outdoor and indoor pools at the Club House, as well as tennis courts, are available to vacationers.
  5. The Blueberry Lake Resort provides many hotel services. Owners and tenants of a log chalet have access to a spa, tennis courts and volleyball courts, as well as to a pool and 15 km of forest trails.
  6. Kanata Tremblant relies on the region's many assets and to the presence on its territory of a very deep lake and an open-pit mine, where shows are presented.


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