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hotel life in luxurious chalets

August, 2010
Danielle Bonneau

In the area around Mont-Tremblant, resorts with 50 to 100 luxurious log chalets are proliferating. Two of them have taken shape in the last several years, and four more are under construction. Another one, nearly completed, is located near Saint-Sauveur.

These real estate complexes, built near lakes and offering all the amenities of modern life, rely on the same assets: large untouched natural spaces, numerous outdoor summer or winter activities, and the proximity of Mont-Tremblant (or Saint-Sauveur) – along with first-class service, just like at a hotel.

They nearly all have outdoor pools (some also have indoor pools) as well as massage rooms and tennis courts. Most also have Club Houses, which in some cases include restaurants. In addition, they all offer concierge service to make the stay as pleasant as possible. This service can be used for golf or restaurant reservations, grocery shopping, housework and so on. In many cases, a chef can even come and cook in a chalet.

"It's like a horizontal hotel," said developer Michel Beaulieu, who innovated in 2002 by launching Côté North Tremblant, near Lac Supérieur and the north face of Mont-Tremblant.

In the area around Mont-Tremblant, resorts with 50 to 100 luxurious log chalets are proliferating.

"Log homes have a cosy feel," he explained. "Our clients lead hectic lives, and they want to relax. Not only do they have the sensation of being in a totally different place, but they also have access to the hotel services they are accustomed to."

What is the target client group? It is mostly international. Entire projects were sold to affluent British people, who took advantage of the strength of the pound sterling to purchase luxurious log homes, tastefully furnished and decorated, at prices ranging from $800,000 to $1.2 million.

Since most of the owners come here for only a few weeks a year, a majority of the homes are available for rental. Prices normally vary between $300 and $1,100 a night (with a two-night minimum) depending on the day of the week, the time of year and the number of bedrooms (from two to six).

"When vacationers arrive, all activities are included," noted Keith Brown, marketing director for Blueberry Lake Resort. "We provide mountain bikes, kayaks and tennis rackets. Most of our chalets have pool tables and outdoor whirlpool baths. It's the ideal spot for family gatherings or for groups of eight, 10 or 12 friends!"

The people renting these big houses come from Europe, but also from Montreal or Ottawa. "It's an escape, in a quality environment," said Michel Bourbeillon, general manager of the Fiddler Lake Resort, near Saint-Sauveur. "When they come in a group, people stay in a million-dollar house for the price of a hotel room."

After Nun’s Island, Quebec City and Town of Mount Royal, Longueuil now has a Sax development.


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